Working Bets on the Come

by / Monday, 05 August 2019 / Published in How To Play Craps
craps puck working

On the come out roll certain bets default to not working (OFF). These are the place bets, hardways and come odds.  This means that they don’t pay out, but that they also do not lose when a seven is thrown on the comeout.  Since the odds of a seven on the come are exactly the same as any other time, this is largely a psychological mechanic, that makes sure that all (most) players are happy when the shoooter throws seven on the come out.

In the casino or in Craps Trainer Pro, you can select to have your bets working on the comeout.

In Craps Trainer Pro it’s easy to turn on your place and hardways bets, working, on the come out roll, just tap the Puck at the top right corner of the table.  It normally reads OFF showing that all place and hardways bets are off.  When you tap the puck it will read ON meaning that your place and hardways bets are active.

Be advised that you need to tap the puck again before each hand (come out roll) to remind the dealer that you want all bets working.

Have a great time, and good luck at the tables.