Release Notes

Version 22 (1.62)
Released May 11th

  • New features:
    • Trainer levels
      • Beginner: No buy or lay bets (previous version)
      • Intermediate: Buy bets
      • Advanced: Lay bets
      • Pro: Buy and lay bets
    • Tap and hold to shake dice before rolling (seeds the random number generator based on time held)
  •  Updates:
    • Table layout changed to allow for Buy and Lay bets
    • New popup info on Place bets depending on Trainer level.
    • Max odds correction for Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets.
    • Improved bet region highlighting.
  • Statistics:
    • Casino Time formula, seconds per roll reduced from 75 to 45.

Thank you for your patience and all for the reviews that guided us along the way.