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    I love this topic because when running a dice simulator, it is proven that you need at least 400,000 rols before you get past “streaks” and approach natural odds.
    Yet somehow people are certain that the dice in Craps Trainer and Craps trainer pro are not random.
    These people must have fingers of steel and memories like elephants.
    Actually your brain is highly attuned to patterns, this is a key factor of intelligence. Only in the game of craps this vital thinking skill plays tricks on you.
    You see a few too many sevens and you think the game is rigged.

    I have 2 questions

    1. Have you made 400,000 rolls yet?
    2. What is the most likely roll to happen after any 7? Answer: 7.


    I’ve tested this and the games algorithm will not play out an easily recognized pattern when you p lace on it. I also tested in a natural craps table at my home and than didn’t happen. I tested 7500 Rolls IN THE Game AND 7500 in the real world. The way to win at craps is by Maximizing naturally occurring streaks. The system purposely changes up when you place over $25 on a known streak

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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