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    I love this topic because when running a dice simulator, it is proven that you need at least 400,000 rols before you get past “streaks” and approach natural odds.
    Yet somehow people are certain that the dice in Craps Trainer and Craps trainer pro are not random.
    These people must have fingers of steel and memories like elephants.
    Actually your brain is highly attuned to patterns, this is a key factor of intelligence. Only in the game of craps this vital thinking skill plays tricks on you.
    You see a few too many sevens and you think the game is rigged.

    I have 2 questions

    1. Have you made 400,000 rolls yet?
    2. What is the most likely roll to happen after any 7? Answer: 7.


    grant says :
    March 3, 2014 at 7:16 pm (Edit)
    I’m very disgusted with your update- you have a mathematical nightmare going on now with way way way too many 7’s coming up- you had a great thing going and you not only are ruining it by having almost no chance ever of hitting more than one point number ( and even that is rare) your update also discouraged me from actually going to the casino and playing one of the most fun games ever created. Please fix your pass line odds issue and give us at least a fighting chance against the 7- I play the don’t come also and that doesn’t even make up for my huge losses. If not fixed I will have to uninstall and convince others to do so as well- please put your great game back the way you had it’



    admin says :
    March 4, 2014 at 11:10 am (Edit)
    Grant, we have not changed the mathematical logic of the dice rolls in any release.
    Here is a snippet of the code we use:
    d.topFace = (int) (Math.random() * 6f + 1);
    This translates to setting the die’s topFace to a random number. First by calling the (Math.random()) which gives a random number where the range is from 0.0 inclusive to 1.0 exclusive. Then multiply by 6 to get a number from 0.0-5.9 and add 1 to make it 1.0-6.9. The (int) removes any remainder after the decimal.
    Be aware of the morphic fields you generate that may have an effect on your device (the world you believe in is what you see).



    A final word, ask any programmer friend (or relative) “how easy is it to program a random number?”
    See code above?

    We are not insensitive to these comments.
    We are always looking for ways to make the game more fun.
    Our plan is to add a biological factor in the seeding of the random number.
    In a future release the shooter may keep his finger on the dice for some period of time, at the moment of release we will take a milliseconds time stamp and use it to “seed the random number generator.
    This way the dice rolls are still random, but controlled by you, just like in the real game of craps.



    Justin says :
    February 5, 2014 at 2:08 pm (Edit)
    I’m not sure, but I think there may be a bug in the free version. I love the app. It has taught me a wonderful new casino game and wasted many hours.

    I’ve been playing the free version for a couple of weeks, on a tip from a friend, I’ve been played:
    $10 on Pass Line
    After the come out roll
    $12 on 6
    $12 on 8
    Then I’ll throw $5 on the Field.

    For some reason, a craps is rolled almost every time when that series of bets is placed. The instances of craps is considerably higher than would be acceptable for a random die roll. Out of 40 consecutive bets played in the above manner, 27 ended in craps after the next roll.



    Admin says :
    February 6, 2014 at 12:17 pm (Edit)
    Glad you are enjoying Craps Trainer.
    While it would appear that those bets trigger a seven out, bets on the board have no effect on the next roll.
    While 27/40 is a high number of Sevens to rolls, keep in mind it takes around 400,000 rolls to get a statistically significant result.
    Try mixing it up and playing the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come for sevens not against them.
    IMO some people are prone to roll 7s other are not, see what works for you not what works for others.



    Recently I just hit 4, double twos three times in a row. And I’ve seen others roll. similar to this. I have never seen anything like that on a real table. Definitely not arguing the fact your rolls are random they probably are it’s just an observation I have made recently. Kind of weird.



    Natural odds for hard four three times in a row is 46656:1.
    Of course you would have noticed any hardways outcome three times in a row, so lets divide by six.
    Now we are at 7776:1 for any hardways three times in a row.
    We have logged over 10 Million rolls at our server.
    So I am comfortable that Triple Hardways has happened thousands of time with no default in our random number generators.



    While we may downplay it here, we do recognize that true randomness is important to our players.

    We continue to make improvements and innovations on our random number generator.

    We now offer four random modes
    1. Random(6)+Random(6)
    2. Random(Seed)+ Random(Seed)
    3. Roll table (Hopwise) 1-36 Random Array
    4. Roll table (Hopwise) 1-36 Random Array (seed)

    The seed is a unique, bio-influenced randomization that simulates the “rubber backed craps layout” (or backboard) of the craps table.

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