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Craps Trainer Pro | Don’t Pass and Don’t Come
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The Don’t Pass and Don’t Come are seen as bets against the roller and are often frowned upon by other Players at the table.

Just like the Pass and Come bets the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come behave differently depend if it is the Come Out Roll or the Point Phase.

The Come Out Roll has four possible outcomes for the Don’t Pass:

  1. win on a 2 or 3 paying an even 1:1.
    • Money made, keep rolling.
  2. loss on a 7  or 11 being rolled.
    • Money lost, make another bet and keep rolling.
  3. A 12 is rolled
    • No change, keep rolling.
  4. Or a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10.
    • This sets The Point to the rolled number.

Once The Point has been set, an odds bet can be added to the Don’t Pass for an increased payout.

Odds depend on the number the The Point was moved to.

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The roller is now looking to roll a  before rolling The Point number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10).
If any number other than the 7 is rolled the wager on that number is won and the roller continues.
If a successful roll of The Point is made the Don’t Pass is lost, and the game returns to the Come Out Roll.
However if a 7 is rolled while the point is established the Don’t Pass wins.

The Don’t Come bet.

This bet can only be made after The Point is established.

The Don’t Come should be seen as an independent Don’t Pass bet.
Once a bet is placed on the Don’t Come the next roll is considered a Come Out Roll for that specific bet.

The Don’t Come bet has the same odds as well as rules for winning and loosing as the Don’t Pass.

Rolling a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 moves the Don’t Come bet to that number.  This frees the Don’t Come bet, allowing another to be made.

Just like the Don’t Pass, once moved odds can be added for a greater payoff.

If a 7 is rolled all Don’t Come bets are won.

If the roller makes The Point all Don’t Come and Don’t Pass bets are lost.