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    After that “disgusting” performance against the Utah Jazz, most everyone expected the Warriors to come out and dominate the lowly Sacramento Kings on Friday night. Most everyone was wrong. The Warriors played another lethargic game in Sacramento, making terrible turnovers and poor decisions that allowed the Kings to remain in the game. Whether by virtue of the sheer talent disparity between the two teams or some luck (the Kings missed quite a few good looks at shots that would have made things even tighter) Draymond Green Jersey, the Warriors were able to get the victory, winning 119-104.This was the ugliest game played by the Warriors in a whileEven though they won the game by 15 points, the Warriors did not play well. In fact, they played pretty terribly for most of the game. This manifested itself most prominently in (where else?) turnovers. The Warriors gave the ball away 25 times Stephen Curry Jersey, one shy of their season-high 26 turnovers against the Detroit Pistons. Luckily, the Kings were only able to turn those extra possessions into 19 points or else this could have been a very different game.Some of this had to do with the Warriors players that missed Friday night game and what exactly they bring to the team.It’s different when they don’t have Iguodala, West and Livingston. Tim Kawakami (timkawakami) February 3, 2018Without Andre Iguodala, David West and Shaun Livingston, the Warriors did not have three of their veterans and, most likely, the steadiest players on the team. Because of that, an uptick in turnovers and sloppier play was not all that surprising.But what seems even more to blame is the Warriors’ overall energy level The team is running on fumes, looking ahead to the All-Star break and, thus, not focusing on the tasks at hand.Right now, the Warriors are the basketball equivalent of a class during its last few meetings before Spring Break. The students aren paying attention, theye not participating in discussion and they are just sitting there. Theye zoned out on their lessons, while mentally planning what theye going to do with their time off. Things will get better once everyone back from the break and ready to make the final push towards the end of the semester. But those classes right before Spring Break, with all the fun and not-working so tantalizingly close? Those ones can be rough. KD and Draymond are definitely looking forward to the All-Star break. Photo by Rocky Widner NBAE via Getty Images Realizing this and thinking about it in this way doesn make it any easier to watch as a fan. The team should not be too complacent either since the Houston Rockets are nipping at their heels for the number-one seed in the Western Conference. But I do think it worth thinking about things in the pre-Spring Break way before we all start to worry about the Warriors this season.Steve Kerr addressed this mentality and the way it was plaguing the Warriors during his postgame press conference.Steve Kerr sensed team is waiting for the All-Star break. Only problem that two weeks away

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