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Craps Trainer Pro
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Craps For Serious Craps Players


We built Craps Trainer Pro for one reason:  to make you the very best craps player you can be.

 Well, and maybe to have a little fun too…


As a mathematician and computer nerd I used to think there was no way to win at craps.  The house, after all, has the edge in their favor.

But after playing craps for a profit in casinos (and on my phone) I began to realize it’s not that simple;  the house may have their advantages, but I have hunches, luck and maybe even a few winning strategies.


We built Craps Trainer Pro because we wanted answers to these, seemingly, eternal questions:

  • Can I win consistently?
  • What strategies are winners -and which ones just drain chips?

Craps Dice

Craps Trainer Pro is the ONLY app designed to build your craps strategy with your own personal style in mind.


Whether you are just a beginner, or a seasoned expert, Craps Trainer Pro gives you a performance dashboard where you can:

  • Measure the profitability of your strategies down to the individual bets.
  • See how  much you are winning and losing and on what bets.

Craps Trainer Pro even gives you stats on earning and spending by casino hour.


Craps Trainer Pro is designed for serious training, but it is also designed to be fun.  The 3-D graphics and the professional stick man calls help to recreate the experience of casino craps on your phone- the only thing missing is the free drinks!


Casino Craps Strategies

For beginners and those of us who tend to forget, Craps Trainer Pro has a built-in betting adviser to tell you the rules and the odds of every bet.  The betting adviser reminds you when you bet the wrong amounts for place 6 and 8 and also for your more difficult-odds bets.

Play Craps Trainer Pro on the plane to Vegas and see the difference in your confidence when you get to the table.


Craps players are drawn to the game for three reasons:

1. It has the best odds

2. It’s exciting and social.

3. Very high frequency of winning


Half of games or hands in Craps are over in just four rolls…

How does that work for your place bets?

Find out with Craps Trainer Pro.


Can you win at craps?

A mathematician may say no.

A savvy player with the right strategies may show you otherwise.


Download Craps Trainer and find out for yourself.

The cost of Craps Trainer Pro is less than the price of a single bet, Before you hit the casino, you owe it to yourself to download Craps Trainer Pro and make your skills the very best they can be.